Corrupting Pandora: How the Economic Imperatives of Surveillance Capitalism are Degrading the Internet’s Potential

For my senior thesis at Emerson College, I researched the growing market of data capitalism. Read the abstract below and download the full paper.

Abstract: This paper addresses the emerging economic sector of surveillance capitalism, which functions on the harvesting, analysis, and selling of data, obtained through user engagement with online platforms such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and more. The highly lucrative practice not only violates the privacy of internet users, but has also created an economic framework of data colonialism that has spread rapidly throughout the tech sector, recalibrating the goals of the Internet from liberating creation to incessant collection. This paper argues that the immense potential of the Internet as a tool for the common good is being threatened by the allure of guaranteed profits offered by the adoption of surveillance capitalism. 

Click the link below to download the full paper:

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